Contribute to All Classical Portland by volunteering! It’s a chance for you to help the station you love, meet new people and see All Classical Portland from the inside. Of course, our volunteers have fun too! Some assignments require regular ongoing commitment. Other opportunities are assigned when special needs arise, such as duties connected to our on-air fundraisers, mailings, or events. Of course, assignments depend on station needs and volunteer skill sets.

Do you think you would make a good volunteer?

Read what our volunteers have to say below, and then contact Volunteer Coordinator Dale Tolliver at 503-802-9475 or fill out a volunteer application now. Let’s have a discussion about your skills and see how they fit our needs. It could be the start of a beautiful thing!

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Photo: Linda Apperson

Linda Apperson

Upon moving to the Portland area five years ago, finding a classical station on my radio dial was an early, high priority. To my utter surprise and delight, I subsequently discovered that All Classical Portland produced live, intimate, free concerts! I became a frequent attendee of Thursdays @ Three, as well as a supporter of the station. Volunteering was a natural next step. There is a reason All Classical Portland feels so warm and welcoming on the air -- the people who work here are every bit as warm and welcoming in person. It is a joy to be part of this community.

Photo: Adam Bless

Adam Bless

I have been listening to All Classical Portland for over 30 years. Before moving to Oregon in 1989, I lived in Chicago and before that, Philadelphia. I saw both of those cities lose their classical stations due to lack of support, so I really appreciate how lucky we are to have such a wonderful station with such good support. When I retired, I knew I wanted All Classical Portland to be a part of my retired life. I have been lucky to have perhaps the best volunteer job of all - welcoming our guests each week at the live Thursdays @ Three broadcasts. I enjoy hearing the concerts, and especially enjoy getting to know many of our listeners. Although Thursdays @ Three’s live broadcasts are currently on hold, I am reminded every day how lucky we are to have this station and this music as a daily companion as we spend more time at home.

Photo: Mark Darienzo

Mark Darienzo

I am a newcomer to All Classical Portland. I started listening to classical music intentionally the last couple of years. Previously, I only knew classical music from movies and TV shows. Early in 2019, I decided to volunteer for an organization that is totally different from what I had been doing, and I chose All Classical Portland. I am glad I did.

Photo: Kevin Hoover

Kevin Hoover

I have been a listener since 2002 and a volunteer since 2014 or 2015. I have done fundraiser phone work, assisted with mailings, and have been representing All Classical Portland at the OSO Sunday Classical series concerts with my then partner and now wife, Nita. I am also a donor and vocal supporter of All Classical Portland!

Photo: John Martin

John Martin

I moved to Portland from upstate New York last summer in need of an internship to finish my college degree. I was accepted to All Classical Portland’s internship program and fell in love with the station. Music has been a part of my life since I began taking piano lessons at the age of five, and I caught the radio bug in college when I joined the campus radio station. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the team at All Classical Portland.

Photo: Emily Mazur

Emily Mazur

As a Portland newcomer, I was looking for volunteer opportunities and a chance to use my former librarian and musician skills. All Classical Portland is a great fit. They have a lovely staff, a welcoming environment, and beautiful music, what could be better? I am thrilled to be able to support and contribute to this wonderful station.

Photo: Sammuel Murry-Hawkins

Sammuel Murry-Hawkins

All Classical Portland has been a wonderful influence in my development as a musician. Having moved to the Pacific Northwest as a freshman in high school, the station developed in me a love for classical music that would translate into a collegiate pursuit of classical flute and vocal performance. I have been fortunate to serve as a member of the station's Community Advisory Group since 2019, and enjoy any opportunity to donate my time to projects at the station. All Classical Portland is a gem in the City of Portland, and I feel privileged to be involved.

Photo: Julie Rawson

Julie Rawson

Classical music has been an integral part of my life. As a youth, thanks to my parents, I was surrounded with classical music. It has been with me through my whole life and accompanies me even now, as a retired teacher here in the Portland area. When I came to this area, I discovered All Classical Portland—no interruptions, no commercials, no news, just purely classical music! I was in Heaven! All Classical Portland is with me day and night, near and far. It has been a delight to be able to volunteer at the station, to travel afar with the radio hosts, and to feel the warm glow of this marvelous operation.

Photo: Steve Sharman

Steve Sharman

I happened to discover classical music around the turn of the century in my car, while enduring the stresses of Portland’s I-5 rush hours. Thanks to the All Classical Portland hosts at the time (to whom I am eternally grateful), I got hooked on the beauty of classical music and began volunteering at the station by answering phones during fundraisers. When it came time for the station to move to its current location in 2014, I helped Music Director John Pitman box up thousands of CDs that were stashed in several rooms and closets and then unbox and arrange them in the station’s new CD library. I have since graduated to my current volunteer position of helping John maintain the CD library and entering CD data into the station’s digital systems. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at All Classical Portland, especially my interaction with staff and volunteers, some of which includes comparing notes and stories about England with Edmund Stone.