Devanney Haruta

As a native of the east coast, I am looking forward to a summer internship at All Classical in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I grew up in Simsbury, CT and am in my fourth year of undergraduate studies at Brown University in Providence, RI, where I study music and math. During my time at Brown, I play oboe in a variety of chamber ensembles and attend as many concerts and recitals as possible! Music has always been a constant presence in my life, beginning with childhood collections of cassette tapes and CDs, continuing with piano and oboe lessons, and growing with high school solfege classes and orchestra, band, and choir festivals. Music also helps to realize my dream of traveling around the world, from Lincoln, NE to Co. Clare, Ireland, and now to Portland, OR.

Few public radio stations are as openly enthusiastic about their music as All Classical: the declaration “we love this music” that headlines the webpage resonates with my own passion for classical music. I am inspired by the team’s genuine enthusiasm and dedication, and we share a common goal of connecting music with communities. I am eager to learn how radio merges the many things I love about music: audio technology, theoretical discussion, performance, and the pure joy of listening.

Latest blog entries from Devanney Haruta:

Piano. Push. Play. transforms Portland with music, art, and a bit of magic

The piano on the sidewalk doesn’t make any attempt to blend in with the bustling city surroundings. Its bright pink exterior bristles with wild fur that surpasses many of the hip and trending hairstyles in both eccentricity and brilliance of color. Above its dense mane bobbles a cluster of orbs resembling eyeballs and from underneath… More

A Darwinian Take on Musicology

Evolution. It’s not just about Darwin’s finches and paleontology. Music history can be considered an evolutionary study of sorts: a tracing of where, when, why, and how music was played, written, discussed, or heard, and who was involved in the process. We can study these changes of musical sound over time by examining one branch of… More

Player Piano Rolls: Listening to History

When we tune in to All Classical, we barely pause to consider that, with the exception of live-streaming concerts, most of the music we hear has been recorded. Thanks to the innovations of recording technology from the twentieth- and twenty-first century, we can hear musical moments captured and preserved in time. Performance before wax cylinders,… More

The Rise and Fall of the Marquam Grand: a tragedy

This is my second week in Portland, and already I am intrigued by the city’s vibrant music culture and its history. While searching to learn more about the city’s central musical sites, I discovered the story of the Marquam Building… Like many great operas, this story opens with a glorious and stunning entrance and closes… More

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