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Air date: June 13, 2024

Turkish Rondo, W. A. Mozart

Suggested by Marsha in West Linn, Oregon

This is a special version, performed live by pianist Fazil Say, with improvisation. The recording was made in Portland and always makes me smile. The world needs more music that makes us smile!

Air date: June 12, 2024

La Campanella, Niccolo Paganini

Suggested by Joshua in Portland, Oregon

When I was growing up I would always listen to this piece because Niccolo Paginini was one of my favorite classical composers.

Air date: June 11, 2024

The Pearl Fishers, Act 1: Au fond du temple saint, Georges Bizet

Suggested by Karissa in Vernonia, Oregon

This beautiful rendition of Georges Bizet's famous aria was performed very recently on season four of "Virtuosos," a talent competition focused on supporting youth in classical music. The legendary Three Tenors vocalist Placido Domingo and international superstar Dimash Qudaibergen. Dimash is from Kazakhstan and is a very special artist to me and thousands around the world. Both Dimash and Placido were serving as panelists for this talent competition and it had been a lifelong dream of Dimash's to perform with Domingo. Immediately upon their meeting Placido exclaimed that they must do a duet together and this was the result of that beautiful collaboration. This is a wonderful performance not only because of the incredible talent on the stage but also because the high profile panelists are helping to draw greater attention to the beauty of classical music for younger generations and revitalizing interest in it for today's youth and young adults.

Air date: June 4, 2024

Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1, Edward Elgar

Suggested by Kris in Gresham, Oregon

I've been on a local school board for almost 25 years (and still serving). During that time I have attended many, many graduation ceremonies. This is the best part of being a board member; acknowledging student success, and being a part of the family celebrations. Pomp & Circumstance always makes me feel that joy of achievement.

Air date: June 3, 2024

Valdres March, Johannes Hanssen

Suggested by Dave in Federal Way, Washington

I've listened classical music all my life, but it really all started with light classics performed by the Boston Pops. Valdres is a light-hearted march that I've always enjoyed, evocative of the composer's homeland of Norway. I had it going through my head the other day and I started wondering what Walt Disney's crews could have done with it as part of "Fantasia". Somehow I picture some little bunnies being threatened by a predator, then getting counsel from a wise old owl, and in the end the bunnies are triumphant (kind of like Peter and the Wolf)! Anyway, it would be nice to hear the piece again, and if you have a recording by someone other than the Boston Pops that would be especially nice.

Air date: May 31, 2024

Lifeforce, Henry Mancini

Suggested by Dominic in HIllsboro, Oregon

There are a lot of movie scores, but this one gets you excited for a sci-fi epic. It gets you motivated and excited for a wild adventure that quote "In the blink of an eye, the terror has already begun!" It really gets your heart pumping.

Air date: May 30, 2024

Organ Symphony No. 5: Toccata, Charles-Marie Widor

Suggested by Richard in Tillamook, Oregon

I love classical pipe organ and believe it to truly be the King of instruments. I personally find this to be one of my favorite pieces to lift my spirits. It almost makes you want to say YEAH!!! with a fist pump!

Air date: May 29, 2024

Tristan und Isolde: Prelude to Act 1, Richard Wagner

Suggested by Margot in Brattleboro, Vermont

I would be very appreciative if you could play this piece for my friend Ryan— who is currently serving time in an Oregon prison— on his birthday (May 29th). Playing and listening to music are very important to him. Ryan suffers from mental illness and has been unable to play music and has taken refuge in your station, which he likes to listen to while "staring outside at the fluffy clouds." I know I don't need to wax poetic about the many therapeutic benefits of music, or how it can be a huge comfort to people as they navigate difficult situations. This is common knowledge. But I know Ryan has been in a dark place, and being able to listen to music and maintain that connection to art and the outside world has been invaluable to him. Tristan und Isolde- Prelude to Act I is his favorite piece.

Air date: May 28, 2024

Violin Sonata in A: Movement 1, Cesar Franck

Suggested by Annalise in Portland, Oregon

This entire sonata, but especially the first movement, is one piece of music I will never tire of hearing. It always makes me stop what I’m doing, pay attention to the achingly lovely melody and creative modulations, and enter into the conversation between the piano and violin.

Air date: May 27, 2024

Saving Private Ryan: Hymn to the Fallen, John Williams

Suggested by Jack in Portland, Oregon

In the U.S. Memorial day is often thought of as the beginning of the summer and is celebrated with cooking on the grill and having backyard parties... as a time to relax and be with friends and relatives. However there is a grim side to this holiday that is too often overlooked: it is a holiday honoring our men and women killed in war. I ask that Hymn to the Fallen be played on Memorial day in honor of all the soldiers, sailors, marines, air force, and coast guard men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. This hymn by John Williams was part of the musical score for Steven Spielberg's film, Saving Private Ryan, and is a beautiful remembrance of those men and women who died on D-Day and during WW II. My dad was in the U.S. Army in WW II as part of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe. He fought in the European Theatre of Operations under General Bradly. Like most of those soldiers he would not talk about the war. What they saw and experienced was a horror that most of us have fortunately not had to experience. They were part of what Franklin Roosevelt called The Greatest Generation. That generation is almost gone now. I ask that we give remembrance and honor these men and women who died in that war as well as all other wars the U.S. has fought. May we never forget their sacrifice.

Air date: May 24, 2024

To A Wild Rose, Edward MacDowell

Suggested by Pie in Portland, Oregon

I played this beautiful piece as part of a piano recital at rest home. It's scary playing in front of a bunch of people even though they appreciated it.

Air date: May 23, 2024

1812 Overture, Peter Tchaikovsky

Suggested by Rita in Happy Valley, Oregon

When I first heard this piece of music I felt so many emotions, a mix of pride and sadness. Being an immigrant from Iraq this piece always reminded me of how much I've been through from the war in Iraq to coming here. THANK YOU 89.9 for your amazing station.

Air date: May 22, 2024

Cello Suite No.1: Prelude, J.S. Bach

Suggested by Mike in Portland, Oregon

John King was one of the instructors at the Portland Ukulele festivals in the early 2000's. Many of us had the opportunity to take lessons from him and learn some of his skills using the campanella technique in classical ukulele. Unfortunately, he died at a young age and left a great void for us uke players and lovers of all uke music both Hawaiian and classical. I've heard some of his works in the past on All Classical, and would love to hear more.

Air date: May 20, 2024

Alto Rhapsody, Johannes Brahms

Suggested by Robert in Portland, Oregon

Many years ago, on my 40th birthday, I treated myself to my first solo trip to Alaska, in late August. which is fall in central Alaska. I brought along several classical music cassettes (yes, it was that long ago). On one side was Brahms' Symphony 2 and the other side were Brahms' Schiksalslied (Song of Destiny,) Gesang der Parzen, and the Alto Rhapsody. I had enjoyed the symphony but rarely turned the tape over to hear the choral music ... until one incredibly memorable late afternoon when I drove the Denali Highway, a 135 mile (then mostly) gravel road between Cantwell and Paxson. As far as I can remember, I never passed anyone - I was the only person on that lonely road as the afternoon light faded.

To the north, across the tundra plain, lit by a golden light was the magnificent Alaska Range, partly obscured by clouds, in shades of grey, blue, purple and snowy white. All around me was the vast Alaska wilderness. Slowly as the light faded a few starts began to glimmer. There was no sign of humanity - except the road itself. As I drove east I played the Schicksalied, Gesang der Parzen and the Alto Rhapsody, which seemed to capture my mood - a bit of lonely melancholy, but also joy, awe and reverence for nature. The symphony and all three choral works are now deeply associated with that first Alaska experience. My request is to hear the Alto Rhapsody, which most closely captured the shifting moods of shadow and light, melancholy reverence, and joy

Air date: May 17, 2024

Hungarian Dance No. 5, Johannes Brahms

Suggested by John in Gresham, Oregon

When I relocated to Portland as a 12-year old violinist, I got into the Junior Symphony Orchestra (now the Portland Youth Philharmonic). The conductor -Mr. A- asked me to switch to viola about 4 weeks before the Christmas concert. I said no but eventually relented. So there I was: a newly minted violist who could not read the clef, sitting at the back of the section in late December. Something happened with the principal violist and she went to the back and I got moved up to second chair. We were learning the Fifth Hungarian Dance by Brahms. Whenever I do not want to do something out of fear, I play this piece to remind me that I can.

Air date: May 16, 2024

Conga del Fuego, Arturo Marquez

Suggested by Kim in Portland, Oregon

This music is so joyful; it lifts me out of hard spaces whenever I hear it. (And I love thinking about Dudamel's early commitment to the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra in his recording of the piece.) It is music that can steer anyone away from road rage.

Air date: May 15, 2024

Clair de Lune, Claude Debussy

Suggested by Charles in Vancouver, Washington

I want to dedicate this to my mother as a late Mother's Day present. This is one of her favorite pieces of classical music, and whenever she hears it, it puts a smile on her face.

Air date: May 14, 2024

Northern Lights, Ola Gjeilo

Suggested by Andrew in Portland, Oregon

I'd love to hear this in celebration of the recent colors in the Portland-area skies!

Air date: May 13, 2024

Danny Boy, Traditional Irish

Suggested by Carol in Portland, Oregon

I recently saw a documentary called, "Danny Boy: The Ballad That Bewitched The World," and it really opened my eyes to the universal love of the song. It has been performed by everyone from Bing Crosby to Johnny Cash to Renee Fleming. The song is a universal lament about separation and loss, but it’s also uplifting.

Air date: May 10, 2024

A New Satiesfaction, Stephen Koncz

Suggested by Eric in Indianapolis, Indiana

I heard the Gymnopedies by Erik Satie played recently as a 5:00 Favorite, and that music caused me to remember this fun "take" on Satie's music. I find it beautiful and inventive.

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