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Five O’Clock Favorite

The Five O’Clock Favorite is driven by listener suggestions! We’d love your participation.

Suggestions are easiest to honor if they’re 20 minutes or less.

Due to the interest in the program, it may be a week or two before you hear your selection on-air.
Air date: February 15, 2023

The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford: Song for Bob, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Suggested by Andrew in Beaverton, Oregon

This song is from the movie the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. I do not usually care much for westerns but I saw this movie in 2012 soon after my father passed away. My father was an brilliant man who struggled his whole life but taught me everything about business... lessons I used to build my own successful business. My Dad became ill with ALS in 2010 and had a long and difficult struggle as the disease slowly paralyzed him. It was heartbreaking watching him slowly slip away. When I hear this song I can’t help burst into tears thinking about him. Its a mournful and deeply painful song. It not only reminds me of him but of the struggles and pain we all face. Thank you for considering this as a 5:00 Favorite. And say hi to Edmund Stone - I love the Score (and everything else All Classical does!)

Air date: February 13, 2023

Music For A While, Henry Purcell

Suggested by Judy in Rainier, Oregon

Exquisite arrangement with lovely word painting that is heavenly to sing along with!

Air date: February 10, 2023

Asturias (No. 5 fr. Suite Espanola: Opus 47) (handbell ensemble), Isaac Albeniz

Suggested by Kirke in Albany, Oregon

I have been an English Handbell director/player for over 20 years and so have an interest in that instrument. I have created many arrangements of music by baroque, classical and romantic era composers for handbell ensembles myself.

Air date: February 9, 2023

Appalachia Waltz (solo cello version), Mark O'Connor

Suggested by Jorge in Portland, Oregon

I study cello with PSU professor Hamilton Cheifetz. I love this version of Mark O'Connor's Appalachia Waltz.

Air date: February 8, 2023

Schelomo, Hebraic Rhapsody for Cello & Orchestra: 3. Andante moderato, Ernest Bloch

Suggested by Lindsey in West Linn, Oregon

As a young musician in the Portland Youth Philharmonic, one of my close friends, Kira Wang, performed this piece as a cello soloist. Ever since having the privilege of partaking in such a beautiful piece of music, and doing it with a friend, I have loved the Schelomo (as well as having a certain love for Bloch that comes with the territory of being a violist!). This piece evokes happy memories of childhood, friendship, and wonderful music making.

Air date: February 7, 2023

Spiegel im Spiegel, Arvo Part

Suggested by Judah in Portland, Oregon

Last year, I went to a summer institute in San Francisco sponsored by Hellenic College Holy Cross Orthodox School of Theology. In this retreat, we participated in sessions to learn about ourselves through an Orthodox Christian lens. At the end of each session, we listened to this piece as we reflected and wrote about what we learned. Spiegel Im Spiegel gives me peace, and not only that, reminds me of some of the strongest friendships I’ve made in my life. A thanks is deserved to the institute's (known as CrossRoads), director, Alex Demos, for introducing me to this piece, and the staff and participants of the Summer 2022 San Francisco session.

Air date: February 6, 2023

Angus Dei, Samuel Barber

Suggested by John in Lincoln City, Oregon

I'd heard the Adagio for Strings many times, but the first time I heard Barber's choral transcription, I was transported to a divinely sublime space. This piece, well-performed, is a journey to Heaven. It fills me with peace and elevates my soul.

Air date: February 3, 2023

Blue, Robert W. Smith

Suggested by Piper in Beaverton, Oregon

I played this with my middle school band. I love how it gradually starts with the clarinets and grows from there. It gets me every time!

Air date: February 2, 2023

I Love My Love, Traditional English (arr. Gustav Holst)

Suggested by Theodosia in Portland, Oregon

This piece is a wonder to listen to and a glorious thing to sing. It is both haunting and beautiful and I am grateful for its existence.

Air date: February 1, 2023

Pictures at An Exhibition: Selections, Modest Mussorgsky

Suggested by Steve in Portland, Oregon

Pictures at An Exhibition was my first classical LP. I was especially enthralled with the promenade theme. I lifted the tone arm and played it again and again.

Air date: January 31, 2023

The Four Seasons: Winter, Antonio Vivaldi

Suggested by Faren in Albany, Oregon

One of my earliest music memories of any kind was standing on my mom's coffee table at about age 5, enthusiastically waving my arms in an imitation of conducting while Winter from The Four Seasons rang out across our house from our newly purchased stereo system with cassette player. I remember the sound making my heart flutter! I find it no surprise that 25 years later, my own child began to practice a classical string instrument at age 7 without any specific urging from me.

Air date: January 30, 2023

Piano Sonata No. 14 “Moonlight”, Ludwig van Beethoven

Suggested by Elise in Chester, NY and Owen in Sandy, OR

Elise shares:
My father is a music teacher and piano player, and he has always played music in the mornings as I wake up and have breakfast. I am in 6th grade so this has made an impression on my morning routine. Consequently this piece has become one of my favorites and will forever remind me of my dad!!

Owen shares:
It's a beautiful piece, a classic. Would love to hear it. It brings back memories of my father and I listening to it around the campfire at Christmas.

Air date: January 27, 2023

Spem in Alium, Thomas Tallis

Suggested by Christine in Lexington, Kentucky

I find the piece to be calming and a complete masterpiece.

Air date: January 26, 2023

Violin Sonata No. 3: 2nd movement, Edvard Grieg

Suggested by Elizabeth in Portland, Oregon

I love Grieg's Violin Sonatas. My violin teacher in Norway made his debut with them in the concert hall in Oslo very many years ago. I rarely hear them performed. They are great!

Air date: January 25, 2023

Black Mirror: Nosedive – On Reflection, Max Richter

Suggested by Lee in Portland, Oregon

The beginning hints at melancholy but at some point I sink into its embrace and feel a depth of centeredness. I seem to lean back and relax into my breath. Just listen.

Air date: January 24, 2023

Guys and Dolls, Frank Loesser

Suggested by Sandi in Portland, Oregon

My good, sweet, kind friend, Randy Hunt, passed away a while ago. I spoke with his partner and she told me this song was his favorite piece of music. Randy was a lyricist. I miss him and wanted to honor him by having All Classical Portland play this catchy tune in his memory.

Air date: January 23, 2023

Music For The Royal Fireworks, George Frideric Handel

Suggested by Loren in Beaverton, Oregon

I love the opening overture! I first played it on trombone in 5th grade. It has always held a special place in my musical repertoire. Between the trumpet trills and the kettle drum rolls, it just sounds awesome and grand!

Air date: January 20, 2023

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Richard Rodgers

Suggested by Roz in Fairview, Oregon

Recently you played Rhapsody in Blue as a 5:00 Favorite, and it jogged a favorite memory of mine from the 1950's. Back then there were 3 contemporary pieces that garnered lots of attention. Two by Gershwin: American in Paris and the Rhapsody in Blue. But right up there was Richard Rogers' Slaughter on 10th Avenue, ballet music written as part of the score for the Broadway show "On Your Toes". I first heard this piece when Mom and Dad brought home two or 3 of those new 33 1/3 LP records! Their record collection had been 78's up to this point. So when we got a new phonograph player and some new recordings, I really sat up and paid attention. I fell in love with this piece. When Gene Kelly and Vera Ellen made a movie that included the ballet, that sealed the deal! It would be wonderful to fill the air waves with these great sounds.

Air date: January 19, 2023

Song From A Secret Garden, Secret Garden (Irish violinist and singer Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer, arranger and pianist Rolf Løvland)

Suggested by Mary in Wilsonville, Oregon

My aerobics instructor once played this music as a cool down. And I've come back to it a lot ever since. Not only does it bring me a sense of peace, but it also triggers sadness for friends I've lost, and also gratitude for my life. I hope this music will affect others in the same way.

Air date: January 18, 2023

Come Sweet Death, J.S. Bach

Suggested by Paul in Albany, Oregon

When I was in high school in a small Kansas town I got interested in organ. My folks found a teacher and I was allowed to practice at one of the local churches (on a quite small organ-but it did have full pedal board). My teacher took me to a Virgil Fox concert and for the first time I saw and heard a large organ in person. He played his arrangement/transcription of Come Sweet Death and I was mesmerized. I had never heard anything so beautiful.

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