Site Styles

The following is an example of different styles built into the current theme.


There should never be more than one h1 tag on a page — no exceptions. The h1 should clearly define the overall subject of your content on the page.



H2 and h3 are used to further structure your page. There are no limits to how many on a page but be mindful that these are headings for structured sections.

h4, h5, h6

Using sparingly, perhaps choose ordered lists instead.

Paragraph Styles

Intro paragraph; special content. Adjust font to 20px. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce eget cursus justo. Maecenas efficitur suscipit lacus quis laoreet. Nulla sem enim, fermentum vel molestie vel, egestas at sem. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Sed id tortor in est scelerisque sodales.

Normal font-size. Vestibulum elementum massa eu augue egestas ullamcorper. Ut viverra ullamcorper rhoncus. Nullam sollicitudin libero quis orci rutrum iaculis. Duis pellentesque tristique enim, sit amet porttitor massa fermentum at.

Use bold and italic sparingly. Do not underline.


  • Data size: no larger than 250kb
  • Physical Dimension: appropriately size your images. For example, if your intent is to use a full width image, the max width should be 1500px. If your image is to use half a screen, the max width should be 750px. If it’s a logo for an underwriter of foundation it should be no wider than 300px.
  • Naming: be semantic. Tell us what the image is for. For example- if it’s for a spotlight use spotlight-special-event.jpg. Never use copyofimag40-adsf.png. Anyone should be able to easily find the image in our media library.

Links & Buttons

Do not decorate links, do not make bold, do not add emphasis. They are pre-styled and should remain universal. Links within text look like this.

Buttons are square; use the radius input in settings and use “0”. Buttons have contrast between background and text color. Use capital letters.


Limit the amount of horizontal rule/separators you use when building a page. Consider using spacers instead. Use 40px in most instances. 60px for more dramatic results.


We prefer using the 40%/60% split when creating pages. Use the /columns block instead of the /media & text block.





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