December 18, 2017

This month, All Classical Portland salutes our Sustaining donors! Thanks to this reliable monthly support, we have been able to strengthen and enhance our daily musical offerings providing solace, inspiration and comfort for our region and the world. Thank you for sustaining this service with your support!

To help us celebrate All Classical’s Sustainer Month, a handful of Sustainers have shared their stories about the role the music plays in their life. Are you a proud, Sustainer? Share your story below, or by calling (503) 802-9469.

Katherine Astala

“I tend to conduct music while I’m driving… I just love it!”

Peter Baker

“I’m a great fan of the American Songbook.”

Cal and Janet Brockman

“We really have a good time listening to music, playing music at home. Those are things that we have had all through our married life that have been important to us.”

Carlos Castro-Pareja

“Music gives you a certain ability to let your emotions go out.”

Christopher Cordiel

“It delights me to no end to hear the kind of nerdy jokes that are made by the commentators at All Classical… these are my people, right here.”

Adrian Dee

“I believe it’s important for us to support what we love. And classical music is my heart and soul. That’s why I’m a sustaining contributor.”

Kevin Dimmitt

“In order to destress, All Classical became my go to thing… I really love what you guys do and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Sabatino and Wilfredo Giordano Perez

“Music has been such an amazing way for us to spend time together, and be together.”

Marie Gore

“…but I keep coming back to Bach.”

Merrit Hearing

“The Lark Ascending didn’t just remind me of my son… it was my son encapsulated in music.”

Bernadette Janet

“We listen from the very beginning of the day to the end… and it’s wonderful to hear Huapango by Moncayo, it made me jump out of bed and just start dancing!”

Joe Mendez

“When I’m listening to All Classical Portland, I write murder mysteries.”

Amanda Meyer

“The time I like to listen to classical music the best is when I’m making jewelry…  it creates such an ambiance for me to really tap into my creativity and put my worries behind me and really be able to focus.”

Susan Nielsen

“I support All Classical because works of art participate in our lives, and that’s how I listen to the music.”

Pam North

“I was with my parents.  We were on a river cruise. And as the boat entered the Danube, those shimmering tones (of the Blue Danube Waltz) started on the loud speakers, and I looked over at my dad and he had tears in his eyes.”

Anne and Robert Richardson

“We love the music… it’s relaxing, it’s ethereal, it’s spiritual, it’s broadening and enlightening.”

Christopher Armstrong Stevenson

“Music has sustained me in my life so I’m a sustainer. We have a mission to sort of spread the joy of classical music I think.”

Ednna Vivueph

“My mom said, ‘I don’t even know where you get this, you never grew up with this kind of music!’ but it’s something magical I guess, it makes me feel better.”

Jennifer Ward

“I brought baby Anya in to the station when she was just six weeks old and signed her up as a donor.  I really appreciate that all of our family members can be donors to All Classical Portland.”

Wendy Ware and Dan Gleason

“I want all of our children to be hearing this type of music, and for parents too, for everyone, to just have it available. I really don’t want to see this station go away. I agree it’s a blessing for us and to pass it on.”

Mary Wilder

“Music reaches clear to the heart of who you are.”

Dick Willis

“I’m a story teller.”

Mark Woodward

“There should be a home for people who love Bach.  But there should also be a home for people who look different from us but love the same music. That’s why I listen.”

Are you a proud, Sustaining supporter of All Classical Portland? Share your story!