Photo: Zahra Ahmed

I am a recent graduate from Swarthmore College who moved to Portland four months ago. As a longtime student and performer of Western Classical music, I found that my homesickness for Washington, D.C. was mitigated by listening to All Classical. I am very happy to develop my relationship to this music through an internship at All Classical. I am particularly looking forward to writing and researching for ongoing and soon to be completed projects as well as gaining production skills under Andrea Murray.

Latest blog entries from Zahra Ahmed:

Q & A with the Intern: Interviewing the Hosts

Prologue It is common knowledge that a good performer makes their work appear seamless. There are no cracks through which information about their influences, skills, and technique pours out. Although some audiences consider it a privilege to crack open a performer and examine the rivers which course through their art, it is usually the case… More

Getting Into the Swing Of It: 2016 Spring Drive

Although I participated in the Spring Drive in various capacities, as a go-fer and brief “gatekeeper”, I was initially daunted when tasked with answering phones; I didn’t want to misrepresent All Classical Portland by providing the wrong information and tone to my calls. Yet, after one or two stuttering calls (apologies to those on the… More