December 07, 2016

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Webcast #213 – 2016

Posted December 2, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Posters for this week's movies

This week, the reviewers look at the Brad Pitt WWII drama, Allied; Manchester by the Sea, the miserablelist drama with Casey Affleck; Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford; Always Shine, an indie film with a Persona-style story; The Duelist, an historical melodrama from Russia; and several films in the traveling new Japanese cinema collection: the… More

Webcast #212 – 2016

Posted November 18, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Posters for The Love Witch and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This week the reviewers are sharply divided about The Love Witch, but are in agreement on another wizard-themed film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Also under review are Loving, and A Street Cat Named Bob.  Among the revivals discussed are Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, City of Lost Children, A Fish Called Wanda, Canada’s… More

Webcast #211 – 2016

Posted November 11, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Poster for Christine with Rebecca Hall.

A reduced staff of two (Ed, DKH) face an off week discussing Made in France (a dramatization of an insiderer’s  look at a muslim cell), King Cobra (about a feud between two gay porn producers), Christine (the other movie about the troubled TV reporter Christine Chubbuck), and revivals such as The Omen, Notorious, and Adams… More

Webcast #210 – 2016

Posted November 4, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Posters for Mr. Holland's Opus and Moonlight.

This week the full team (Ed, Mona, Marc, DKH, and Jordan) start off with Doctor Strange, followed by Moonlight, the Stooges documentary Gimme Danger, Tower, about the Austin mass shooting, several political revivals, and a special screening of Mr. Holland’s Opus.

Webcast #209 – 2016

Posted October 28, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Two horrors: Phantom of the Opera and Inferno

This week, the full complement (Ed, Marc, Mona, DKJ) discuss Inferno, with Tom Hanks returning in the latest thriller from the pen and mind of Dan Brown; the “returning to the family homestead” dramedy Little Sister; The Handmaiden, which sees Korean auteur Park Chan-Wook (Old Boy, Stoker) returning to familiar turf with a twisty, sensuous,… More

Webcast #208 – 2016

Posted October 21, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Posters for They Live and Certain Women.

This week, Mona, Marc and DKH discuss Certain Women (Cinema 21), the new drama by Kelly Reichardt, starring Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart; the anime movie about the great Japanese artist, told through the eyes of his daughter, Miss Hokusai (Fox); the Guatemalan movie, Ixcanul (Living Room Theaters); and selections from the New Scandinavian Cinema… More

Webcast #207 – 2016

Posted October 14, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Hollywood Horrors of different sorts

This week, Marc and DKH discuss Denial (Fox Tower), about a libel suit brought by Holocaust denier David Irving (Timothy Spall); White Girl (Hollywood), about a college girl involved with a local drug dealer; the Swedish hit A Man Called Ove (Cinema 21); Blue Jay (Cinema 21), a two hander with Mark Duplass and Sarah… More

The Real Player

Posted October 11, 2016 by D. K. Holm

McCabe and Mrs. Miller DVD box art

What a strange idea of a western. Yet perhaps not too strange. Instead of the old west, McCabe and Mrs. Miller is set in a remote mountainous mining encampment. Instead of the desert, it takes place in the snow (but then, so does the Sergio Corbucci’s spaghetti western from 1968, The Great Silence). It has… More

Webcast #206 – 2016

Posted October 7, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Guy Maddin's take on Dracula, and Phantasm

  This week the quartet discuss The Birth of a Nation, Australia’s Girl Asleep (with the short doc, Pickle), the documentary essay Cameraperson, Italy’s Mia Madre, the anthropological exercise Tanna, the picaresque American Honey, Phantasm: Ravager, and Under the Sun (about North Korea), while among the revivals, Guy Maddin’s Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary, Arsenic and… More

Webcast #205 – 2016

Posted September 30, 2016 by D. K. Holm

Be prepared for the shock!

For our 205th show, we take a look at Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Summertime, The Dressmaker, the music documentary Danny Says, the documentary When Two Worlds Collide, the mockumentary Operation Avalanche, the horror film Demon, some of the films in the Bending the Bard series (Hamlet Goes Business, Hamlet Act, Viola, The Princess… More

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