November 27, 2014

A Flood of Feelings

Posted April 10, 2012 by D. K. Holm


Mabul, the lead off film for the20th Portland Jewish Film Festival, walks a fine line between soap opera and art house drama. Guy Nattiv’s film from 2011 is about a family in crisis and conflict. Yoni (Yoav Rotman) is bullied at school, sells homework to his peers, and is trying to grow faster and bigger […]

At Least Her Son Is a Lawyer

Posted by D. K. Holm


An early talkie with John Barrymore seems like an unlikely film to help kick off the 20th Portland Jewish Film Festival, but Counsellor at Law(1933) turns out to be immersed in Jewish culture. And also in Irish, Italian, and WASP cultures. Like many Hollywood films of its time, Counsellor at Lawuses ethnic stereotypes as a shorthand and for […]

Webcast #8 – 2012

Posted April 6, 2012 by Ed Goldberg

We review: American Reunion, Mirror Mirror, Footnote and Boy, as well as touch briefly on Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Given its upcoming DVD release, we nod to The Iron Lady.

Cut Men

Posted April 1, 2012 by D. K. Holm


“Sometimes when logging, you have to jump out of the way,” says a friend of mine who was a logger briefly at the coast in the ’70s. “Sometimes the tree doesn’t fall the way you want, and you have to run like hell to get out of its way. When that happened to me was […]

Webcast #7 – 2012

Posted March 30, 2012 by Ed Goldberg

We review: The Raid: Redemption, Red Desert (+ many things Antonioni), discuss Titanic 3D and, due to the DVD release galloping in on April 3, we snort about War Horse.

Blood and Ice

Posted by D. K. Holm


Intimidators are an unsanctioned but intractable part of hockey, as the “code red” policy in A Few Good Men is to the Marines. The league attempts to quell the violence, but a major part of the game’s attraction is the irrational explosions of fighting between contestants, which have their own official and unofficial protocols. Goon is a huge […]

Stinkin’ Thinkin

Posted by D. K. Holm


If you are wondering what that strangely titled film playing at the Regal Lloyd Center 10 Cinema1happens to be, it’s easier to explain what it is not.People v. The State of Illusion is not a courtroom drama. It is not a political thriller. Nor is it a Michael Moore-esque documentary about the state of America. Don’t be […]

Movie Review: “Sound of Noise”

Posted March 28, 2012 by Becky Ohlsen

Directed by Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson; starring Bengt Nilsson, Sanna Persson Rated R Now showing at Living Room Theaters I haven’t seen any local reviews of this movie, but I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. It’s a Swedish art comedy (already a troubling prospect) about a frumpy policeman named Amadeus Warnebring (Bengt Nilsson, essentially the […]

Going Out For Italian

Posted March 26, 2012 by Ed Goldberg

I was remiss in not posting about two Italian films playing at the Northwest Film Center, Rocco and His Brothers, already over, and The Red Desert, starting this Thursday, the 29th of March. Of the two films, both considered classics, I would prefer The Red Desert. Rocco was directed by Luchino Visconti, considered one of the neo-realist directors of […]

Webcast #6 – 2012

Posted March 23, 2012 by Ed Goldberg

We review: The Hunger Games, Being Flynn, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and We Need to Talk About Kevin. We also discuss “Noir Ville” at Portland’s own Cinema 21, a summary of the Criterion DVD box set of “David Lean Directs Noel Coward,” plus the commercial DVD release of A Dangerous Method.