May 04, 2016

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Webcast #132 – 2015

Posted March 6, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Seasonal movie downtime continues as Hollywood gears up for spring and summer, this week offering up the documentary Ballet 422, the erotic thriller The Duke of Burgundy, the elderly heart-warmer The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and the New Zealand faux documentary about vampires, What We Do in the Shadows, all of which combinations of our team… More

Webcast #131 – 2015

Posted February 27, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Today’s trip pf reviewers tackle Focus, the heist movie with Will Smith; the new Cronenberg movie Maps to the Stars; Salad Days, about the D. C. punk rock scene; the animated film Song of the Sea; and revivals of John Carpenter’s The Thing, and The Big Lebowski.

Webcast #130 – 2015

Posted February 20, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Today’s lineup includes the musical The Last Five Years, five years, the teen comedy The Duff, the indie vampire movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, the PIFF favorite Timbuktu, the Oregon-filmed horror film House of Last Things, thoughts on a revival of Dirty Harry, and part 90 of the Oscar coverage.

Webcast #129 – 2015

Posted February 18, 2015 by D. K. Holm

This week the gang analyzes the spy spoof The Kingsmen,  the teen high school slaughter film White Rabbit, and the autobiographical Mommy. The podcast concludes with the latest in a never ending series of Oscar predictions.

Webcast #128 – 2015

Posted February 6, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Marc Mohan is back from Sundance with comments on a few of the documentaries he viewed, and the rest of the team joins in with reflections on the love story Song One, the Russian drama Leviathan, the Lebowski reunion The Seventh Son, the filmed play Match, the thriller Enter the Dangerous Mind, the documentary Matt Shepard Was a Friend of Mine,… More

Webcast #127 – 2015

Posted January 29, 2015 by D. K. Holm

With one reviewer over at the Sundance film festival, the remaining three dive into some of the Oscar nominated movies just opening, including Mr. Turner, Two Days, One Night, and Still Alice. Also on hand are The Boy Next Door and A Most Violent Year, along with DVD reviews of My Winnipeg and The Palm… More

Spike & Mike Festival of Animation

Posted January 21, 2015 by Ed Goldberg


There once was a time when an animated short, a cartoon, accompanied every movie-going experience. Alas, no more. Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation brought back programs of cartoons, and I realized how much I missed them. Their shows of animated shorts, including the notorious (and aptly-named) Sick and Twisted Festival, will be shown this… More

Webcast #126 – 2015

Posted January 16, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Before a heated discussion of historical accuracy in motion pictures, the clan discuss the cyber thriller Blackhat, the Iraq war drama American Sniper, the Israeli army comedy Zero Motivation, and Little Accidents, an indie drama set in a mining town, plus a letter from a listener.

The Odd Couple: Mike Nichols and Rod Taylor Obits

Posted January 15, 2015 by D. K. Holm

I go solo in this joint audio obit for two movie figures of particular and personal importance, the director Mike Nichols and the “action star” Rod Taylor. 

Je Suis Robert!

Posted January 14, 2015 by D. K. Holm

Crumb cover

  One of the most interesting and human responses to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris on January 8, 2015, was that of Robert Crumb, the American cartoonist, now living in a village in France. As a comic book artist, a satirist, the “grandfather” of underground comix, an anti-authoritarianian, and as a resident in two diverse societies, he seems like the… More

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