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I am a transplant to the Pacific Northwest from Cincinnati, Ohio and discovering All Classical Portland when I first moved here was like being welcomed home. I have a Bachelor’s in Music Performance and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Louisiana State University. I am currently pursuing my MBA with a dual concentration of Arts Administration and Data Analytics with Southern Oregon University, and I am also working on my CPA license.

My immersion into the world of classical music began in the womb as my mother was the second oboist for the Northern Kentucky Symphony (now renamed the Kentucky Symphony). She played well through her pregnancy with me and into my early years of life – I have faint memories of sitting in the front row of her rehearsals with the orchestra and with her woodwind quintet, completely enraptured with all the colors in the air around me.

Fast-forward to middle school when I began the Great Badgering Campaign with my parents, begging them to let me play an instrument. My current fixation at that point was with the French horn. Unfortunately, I was on the pipsqueak side of the size spectrum for my age. My parents were horrified at the thought of me lugging a French horn on and off the bus every day, so they spoke with my music teacher and struck a deal that I would be handed a clarinet instead. Fortunately for everyone involved, it was love at first honk. It is mind-boggling to really do the math on that one, because that means the clarinet has been an integral part of my life for the better part of 20 years and is truly my oldest friend.

I have been searching for an opportunity like this internship with All Classical Portland since I graduated college. I have a solid amount of for-profit accounting experience at this point, but ultimately, I want to use those skills within my own musical community. I see this internship as an opportunity learn how to use my mixed toolbox of skills to help grow and manage an arts organization while fostering joy for classical music across the world.

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