Megan Reich

A native of Beaverton, Oregon, I have been a listener of All Classical Portland since I started playing the flute eleven years ago. Coming from a family of non-musicians, the station served for me as an invaluable introduction into to the world of classical music. Since then, I’ve further fueled my love for this art through participation in the Portland Youth Philharmonic and various ensembles throughout my time in college. I recently graduated from the University of Puget Sound, where I received degrees in Flute Performance and Biology. I am currently taking a gap year to apply to a Masters of Music program in Flute Performance.

My goal is to become a professional musician and an active supporter of the arts in my community. That being said, I am inspired by All Classical’s mission to engage with local and global audiences in ways that support and create cultural community, especially through programs such as Thursdays at Three, Northwest Previews, and upcoming JOY Project programs. I am grateful to be learning from the All Classical team about the work that goes into operating a non-profit arts organization and delving into the world of radio broadcasting.

Classical music has opened up many doorways of listening for me, and I am passionate about the power of sound to inspire, console, and connect us to the experiences of other people. The medium of radio, in particular, appeals to me both as a science and an art. Last spring, I had the opportunity to take a Music Recording Techniques course, where I learned the basics of recording, mixing, and mastering music. During this time I also served as the editor-in-chief of my university’s student-run science magazine, Elements, where I we aspired to communicate student research and science news in a way that was informative and accessible across the campus. I look forward to bringing together my previous experiences in audio production, writing, and communication to this internship and learning more about community engagement, social media management, fundraising, and more.

Latest blog entries from Megan Reich:

The Story of Minimalism – Part Two: From Minimal to Maximal

(Special Note: If you are new to this blog, click here to first read Part One of this series.) New Horizons: Postminimalism   In our last post, we left off with a broader conception of minimalism as a music which creates a listening experience that is meditative, non-teleological, and process-oriented. It is through this broader lens… More

The Story of Minimalism – Part One: A New Way of Listening

“What you hear depends on how you focus your ear. We’re not talking about inventing a new language, but rather inventing new perceptions of existing languages.” – Philip Glass   If you’ve tuned into All Classical Portland recently, you may have come across some music your ears weren’t expecting to hear from a classical radio… More

Harry Rabinowitz

On Tuesday, May 8, All Classical Portland will be naming its Music Library in honor of Harry Rabinowitz (1916-2016), a British conductor and composer known for his television and film music. Rabinowitz is best known for having conducted the scores for over 60 films, and he regularly appeared on TV and radio throughout the 1950s… More

Debussy and the Poetic Image

The 100th anniversary of Debussy’s death was this past March 25th. Debussy’s adventurous uses of harmony and orchestration would come to impact nearly every distinguished composer of the early and middle twentieth century. His music leaves behind classical structures and agendas and moves toward beauty for beauty’s sake. One experiences a profound sense of dreamlike… More

Women’s History Month: Florence Price

As we wrap up Black History Month and open March with National Women’s History Month, we celebrate the life of Florence Beatrice Price (1887-1953), the first African-American woman to be recognized as a symphonic composer and to have a composition played by a major orchestra. However, to reach this achievement and become recognized for her distinct idiom, Price had to fight her way… More

Testimonials for Robert McBride

We did not want this day to come, but after 17 music-filled years with All Classical Portland, Senior Announcer Robert McBride is retiring. Robert’s legacy at the station includes holding a regular air shift in prime time for all 17 years, founding and producing Club Mod (All Classical’s weekly Saturday night program dedicated to modern music), hosting the weekly live broadcast series Thursdays @ Three, contributing… More

Black History Month: William Levi Dawson

In our third installment for Black History Month, we turn to William Levi Dawson (1899-1990), a renowned African-American composer, choir director, and professor. Dawson wrote chamber music, orchestral music, and choral music, and is best known for his arrangements of African American spirituals. Through all the forms he worked with, Dawson consistently incorporated African American… More

The Canvas of Silence

Here at All Classical Portland, we have our own library of CDs which we draw from to use in our day-to-day radio programming. However, rather than playing these CDs directly on the radio, volunteers first burn each CD into our hard drives, where we can use them on-air  in the form of .wav files. One of my current tasks as an intern is to edit .wav files of pieces that have been burned into the computer but are still not quite ready for air play. Using a music editing… More

Recommended Recordings for Black History Month

All Classical Portland celebrates Black History Month during the month of February, featuring some of the best recordings of composers of African origin (American, and around the world). Here are some recommended recordings of music by black composers, musicians, and conductors. If you purchase any of the music below using the links we have… More

Black History Month: William Grant Still

Since 1976, the United States has officially recognized February as Black History Month, an annual time to recognize the central roles blacks have played in U.S. history and a celebration of the achievements of African Americans in our culture and society. All Classical Portland will be joining the celebration of Black History Month, featuring some… More

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