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Portland Music Therapy

Portland Music Therapy is a branch of The Sage Center, a Holistic Health community of Alternative Health Specialists, that focuses on using Neurologic Music Therapy techniques to achieve non-musical goals like improved socialization and communication skills. They incorporate evidence-based research and individualized, quantifiable goals and objectives. They specialize in working with individuals on the autism… More

Youth Roving Reporters 2017/2018

Aashna MacLennan I am a sophomore at  Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, Oregon. My passions include singing in the Oregon Repertory Singers Youth Choir and dancing Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance, at the Natya Leela Dance Academy.   Arden Butterfield I’ve played cello for eight years, and have been composing music for almost as long…. More

The Story of Minimalism – Part Two: From Minimal to Maximal

(Special Note: If you are new to this blog, click here to first read Part One of this series.) New Horizons: Postminimalism   In our last post, we left off with a broader conception of minimalism as a music which creates a listening experience that is meditative, non-teleological, and process-oriented. It is through this broader lens… More

Debussy and the Poetic Image

The 100th anniversary of Debussy’s death was this past March 25th. Debussy’s adventurous uses of harmony and orchestration would come to impact nearly every distinguished composer of the early and middle twentieth century. His music leaves behind classical structures and agendas and moves toward beauty for beauty’s sake. One experiences a profound sense of dreamlike… More

Women’s History Month: Florence Price

As we wrap up Black History Month and open March with National Women’s History Month, we celebrate the life of Florence Beatrice Price (1887-1953), the first African-American woman to be recognized as a symphonic composer and to have a composition played by a major orchestra. However, to reach this achievement and become recognized for her distinct idiom, Price had to fight her way… More

Robert Mcbride

Testimonials for Robert McBride

We did not want this day to come, but after 17 music-filled years with All Classical Portland, Senior Announcer Robert McBride is retiring. Robert’s legacy at the station includes holding a regular air shift in prime time for all 17 years, founding and producing Club Mod (All Classical’s weekly Saturday night program dedicated to modern music), hosting the weekly live broadcast series Thursdays @ Three, contributing… More

Image of William Levi Dawson courtesy of the African American Registry.

Black History Month: William Levi Dawson

In our third installment for Black History Month, we turn to William Levi Dawson (1899-1990), a renowned African-American composer, choir director, and professor. Dawson wrote chamber music, orchestral music, and choral music, and is best known for his arrangements of African American spirituals. Through all the forms he worked with, Dawson consistently incorporated African American… More

The Canvas of Silence

Here at All Classical Portland, we have our own library of CDs which we draw from to use in our day-to-day radio programming. However, rather than playing these CDs directly on the radio, volunteers first burn each CD into our hard drives, where we can use them on-air  in the form of .wav files. One of my current tasks as an intern is to edit .wav files of pieces that have been burned into the computer but are still not quite ready for air play. Using a music editing… More

Pathways to Listening

One thing I find gratifying about classical music is that there is always more to learn from this art form. Whatever your relationship is with classical music right now, it can be enriching to continue learning about it, regardless of your level of experience and knowledge with the genre. It is a joy to hear All Classical carry this spirit of learning into their… More

The Beauty of JOY

While working on my blog post series that discusses events and organizations who are dedicated to bettering our community through classical music, I am inspired yet again by a project All Classical Portland has taken on. This weekend we officially launched the JOY (Joyous Outreach to You/th) and the three initiatives that are devoted to making… More


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