October 21, 2017

Each Saturday at 5 All Classical Portland celebrates what’s next in our community, with profiles of young musicians and explorations of musical opportunities for young people in the northwest.

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February 4, 2017

On Deck with Gustav Baur

Gustav Baur is the first bagpiper to ever appear “On Deck.”  In addition to playing bagpipes, the 16-year old high school sophomore is also a Scottish fiddler and he sings with the Pacific Youth Choir. In this episode of “On Deck” we’ll learn why Gustav was drawn to the bagpipes (hint: is has something to do… More

January 14, 2017

On Deck with Evan Howard

Evan Howard is an 18-year old cellist who performs with the Portland Youth Philharmonic.  He attends the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, and in this episode of “On Deck” we’ll learn a bit about that magnet school — and about the harried life of a high school senior.

January 7, 2017

On Deck with Ori Marcu

Ori Marcu is 17-years old.  She sings with the Pacific Youth Choir and with the Marian’s, her school choir at St. Mary’s Academy in Portland.  She is also a pianist and a budding composer. Ori spends part of the year in Israel, and she’s very interested in cell biology. We’ll talk about all of those… More

December 10, 2016

On Deck with Raley Schweinfurth

Raley Schweinfurth is incredibly passionate about classical music.  She plays many different keyboard instruments, including piano, harpsichord, celeste and pipe organ.  She’s the principal keyboardist with the Portland Youth Philharmonic.  In this episode of “On Deck” we’ll get to know why 17-year old Raley is so devoted to classical music. Raley was a featured soloist with… More

December 3, 2016

On Deck with Katherine DesCamp-Renner

Katherine DesCamp-Renner is a 17-year old high school senior who credits her choir with saving her life. In the depths of depression, what kept Kat going was singing with her friends in the Pacific Youth Choir.  She also loves cross-country running because it “gets her out of her head and into her body.” In this… More

November 26, 2016

On Deck with Colin Crandal

Colin Crandal is a 17-year old senior at Beaverton High School.  He is VERY involved in music (he plays percussion in marching band, with his wind ensemble, and with the Portland Youth Philharmonic, as well as playing in his school’s jazz band.)  He has spread himself thin over the years but is now focusing exclusively… More

November 19, 2016

On Deck with Grace Hermes

Grace Hermes is a 17-year old senior at St. Mary’s Academy.  She sings with the Pacific Youth Choir as well as with her school choir (“The Marians”) and performs in school musicals as well. Grace feels –particularly in these turbulent times- that art and music can change the world. In this episode of “On Deck”… More

Cammie Lee, Christa Wessel, and Isabelle Zheng

October 29, 2016

On Deck with Project Prelude

Project Prelude is a new non-profit started this summer by two high school juniors at Catlin Gabel School.  Violinist Cammie Lee (who plays with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and has been a frequent regional competition winner) and flutist Isabelle Zheng (who is the co-principal flute at Portland Youth Philharmonic) saw an absence of elementary school music… More

October 22, 2016

On Deck with Michail Thompson

Michail Thompson is 16 years old.  He’s the principal trumpet player in the Portland Youth Philharmonic, he plays jazz at the Alan Jones Academy of Music, and is the band president at Grant High School.  In his role as band president, Michail hopes to find a way to make the Grant student body realize that going to a… More

October 15, 2016

On Deck with Evan Llafet

Evan Llafet is a 15-year old violinist, and a sophomore at Mountain View High School in Vancouver. He plays with the Portland Youth Philharmonic and is seriously considering a career in music.  In this episode of “On Deck” Evan frankly discusses that chosen career path, and how unrealistic it might turn out to be. And, in… More