Photo: Molly Myers

Spreading the joy of performing arts and the accessibility of music education are both lifelong missions that I hold close to my heart. Growing up in Vancouver, Washington, I was always grateful for All Classical’s inspiring presence across the river. Today, as I pursue my bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Administration at Oregon State University, I’ve had the privilege of minoring in Music Performance and sharing my love for piano and oboe through Wind Ensemble, Chamber Winds, and the Corvallis Symphony Orchestra. Musical volunteer opportunities through local hospitals and retirement centers have shown me that every composition has the power to bring strangers of all ages together. I’m honored that my music and business experiences thus far have culminated in an internship with All Classical Portland and the International Children’s Arts Network. Contributing to All Classical and learning more about the radio industry is so exciting, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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How Instruments Are Built

Early musical instruments were designed in the same manner as many other great inventions: by accident. After realizing that ordinary objects could create fascinating melodies, our earliest innovators began testing, shaping, and playing the tangible world around us. Their historic creations have evolved into the unique medleys of science, engineering, and art that exist today…. More