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I am so glad to be part of the team at All Classical Portland. My delightful task is to help provide our hosts with research they can share regarding the cultural and historical context of our music. I find that when I learn about what a piece of music meant to the time and the people that produced it, the music starts to speak to me in a more personal and moving way. I hope that my work helps you find new connections with this music we love.

I hail from Pennsylvania and Ohio, where I earned degrees in voice and music history. I taught university courses in voice and music appreciation before venturing west to the gloriously arts-filled city of Portland.

When I’m not busy researching, you’re likely to find me around our city singing and playing early music, or reading and painting in the cozy home I share with my husband Nathaniel and two spunky rabbits.

Latest blog entries from Emma Riggle:

christmas tree and music notes

The Stories of Twelve Famous Carols

When it comes to traditional Christmas carols, separating history from legend can be as tricky as detangling holly and ivy. Looking forward to our Festival of Carols, which will run from 7PM on December 21 through December 25, we’d like to share some of the true stories behind our favorite carols.

crab on beach with musical notes

Is a Cassation a Crustacean?

A Play On Words by All Classical Portland’s Music Researcher & Archivist Emma Mildred Riggle When I was a kid my little brother and I liked to play Name That Tune when we turned on the radio in the middle of a classical piece, because we were geeks with a bad case of sibling rivalry…. More

brown paper present

Classical Composers’ Holiday Gifts

What’s more meaningful than a homemade gift – especially when the giver is a composer and the gift is music? Here’s a list of five classical compositions that were given as holiday gifts!

5 vintage photos of composers in the military

Composers in the Great War

The “war to end all wars” claimed many lives, and forever altered the lives of those who survived. Here’s a look at some of the composers who served in World War 1 and the music they created.